• systematizing legal practice;
  • defining a predictable and standardized process for routine work;
  • applying project management principles to track legal projects; 
  • ​skipping excess formalism in writing, documentation and other aspects of practice and dispute resolution; 
  • making maximum effective use of automation and technology;
  • embracing online document collaboration and electronic signatures;
  • embracing digital search, filing and registration methods;
  • knowing all tech & process steps for anytime, anywhere service; 
  • keeping overhead lean instead of passing on non-essential costs; 
  • openness to learning from clients as much as seeking to advise; 
  • always keeping larger business objectives front and center;
  • striving for a light touch; 
  • seeing the file from the perspective of not just a lawyer;
  • bringing real world experience outside the traditional firm to bear; and
  • working effectively as part of multi-disciplinary teams. 

If what's set out here makes sense, maybe it's time to make a change.​​​




Andrew started his own law practice from scratch. Like any business owner, he has been through the non-stop grind of managing all the different aspects of his business, from marketing and sales to bookkeeping, operations, service delivery, invoicing, outsourcing and getting paid. Andrew has over 12 years of post Call experience (LSUC 2005). 

Your business needs a lean, 21st Century law practice; not to mention a lawyer that has traveled the same road of building something from the ground up. 

 "In truth, the working practices of lawyers and judges have not changed much since the time of Charles Dickens." 
          -- Richard and Daniel Susskind, The Future of the Professions