​​​​​​Corporate-Commercial & SECURITIES

Andrew is a trusted commercial lawyer to businesses of every size, from start-ups to multinational corporations. Andrew can help you with:

  • incorporations and shareholder agreements
  • establishing limited partnerships
    • including Manitoba limited partnerships
  • ​confidentiality agreements
  • IP protection at every stage
  • ​debt and equity financings
    • ​pre-seed, seed, VC, PE etc.
    • SAFEs, convertible notes
  • equity crowdfunding
  • peer-to-peer lending
  • fintech
  • employment, sales agency, supplier and other contracts
  • share options for employees, consultants, advisors, investors
  • corporate meetings and governance
  • corporate minute books
  • corporate reorganizations and share transfers
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • ​transactional due diligence
  • creating special purpose entities
  • licencing agreements and IP protection
  • IPOs
  • securities filings
  • litigation services in Manitoba or Ontario

Andrew is a past Co-Chair of the Manitoba Bar Association's Securities Law Section (2 years).  He is also a Member of the American Bar Association. Andrew's work on environmental securities disclosure is widely cited.​